About Pilates Mechanica

Georgia Burns is the founder of Pilates Mechanica and has been passionately teaching Pilates for 20 years. She is trained in Occupational and Physical Therapy and is a certified Labour Doula.

Georgia believes that functional movement is essential to recover, to maintain, and to excel - both physically and mentally.

In 2018 Georgia experienced a traumatic, emergency C-section that lead to her creating the first Traumatic Birth Recovery Program focused on supporting women both physically and emotionally after birth trauma. The program will be featured on Pilates Anytime and in Pilates Style Magazine later this year.




Pilates Anytime

New Birth Recovery Video Series for Pilates Anytime, filmed April 2019.

Use PROMO code “BURNS” for a free month.

Pilates Style

Postpartum Recovery spread in the May-June Issue of Pilates Style Magazine.

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