Ergonomic Services

Help prevent injuries before they happen: ergonomics is concerned with the suitability of the work environment to the individual, and aims to enhance performance, promote wellness and prevent any deterioration in your health.

Ergonomic assessments evaluate the individual worker and the workstation in order to help identify any risk factors that may result in issues. Reducing employee injuries and improving employee productivity are the goal.

We focus on prevention by implementing solutions that target risk factors. If an injury already exists, our experts will find ergonomic solutions that target the root problem in order to resolve your pain and prevent recurrences.

Our team of ergonomists are dedicated to improving your productivity, performance and your overall wellness while at work. Our services are geared to individuals who spend hours a day working at a desk or in front of a computer. We offer a variety of ergonomic services to suit whatever your specific needs may be.


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Sports-Specific Training

Whether you are working towards a personal fitness goal or a professional athlete you need focused training. One-on-one Pilates sessions with an experienced instructor will help take you to the next level.